SIEMENS Beltscale for Dynamic Weighing Conveyor

Milltronics MSI is a heavy-duty, high accuracy full frame single idler belt scale used for process and load-out control.

Milltronics MSI belt scale provides continuous in-line weighing on a variety of products in primary and secondary industries. It is proven in a wide range of tough applications from extraction (in mines, quarries and pits), to power generation, iron and steel, food processing and chemicals. The MSI is suitable for monitoring such diverse products as sand, flour, coal, or sugar.

The MSI’s patented use of parallelogram-style load cells results in fast reaction to vertical forces, ensuring instant response to product loading. This enables it to provide outstanding accuracy and repeatability even with uneven loading and fast belt speeds.

Operating with Milltronics BW100, BW500, or SIWAREX FTC microprocessor-based integrators, the MSI provides indication of flow rate, totalized weight, belt load, and belt speed of bulk solid materials. A speed sensor monitors conveyor belt speed for input to the integrator.

The MSI is installed in a simple drop-in operation and may be secured with just four bolts. An existing idler is then attached to the MSI dynamic beam. With no moving parts, maintenance is kept to a minimum, with just periodic calibration checks required.

Here is some of our photos while helping customer to intall and commisioning SIEMENS Beltscale system.

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