The Right Scanning System for Each Type of Material

IMG_PRO_SENS_IRThe current position of the web is the basis. It is captured by one or more sensors  as actual position.

Ultrasonic sensors (US)

The scanning of the web edge is realized contactlessly by ultrasound.

Field of application:

  • Materials with dust or fluff-like deposits
  • Films with a variable level of transparency
  • Light-sensitive materials

Optical sensors (IR)

Non-contact scanning of the web edge is carried out by light.

Field of application:

  • Transparent and non-transparent materials
  • Thick materials

Contrast sensors

The non-contact scanning of the web material is carried out by detecting optical contrasts.

Field of application:

  • Digital scanning of web edges, printed edges or printed lines
  • Web center-line guiding, web width measurement
  • Control of tools or other machines (tracing of cutting knives, etc.)