Swivel roll guide (SF)

csm_PRO_WEBG_GuidingDevice_SF_Scheme_01_cb7f4619a2The BST eltromat swivel roll guide consists of a fixed lower frame and a moveable upper frame, with one or two guiding rollers.

The functional principle of this guiding device requires adequate long infeed and exfeed spans.

Swivel roll guides are used where installation space is limited, the required threading of the web does not allow the use of a rotating frame guide or where the web is continually drifting sidewards (integral correction).

Turning Bar

csm_PRO_WEBG_GuidingDevice_TurningBar_Scheme_01_32c46d2382The turning bar is used wherever a 90° turn in the  direction of the web is required. A turning bar can be equipped with BST eltromat guiding components optionally.

The turning bar is installed at an angle of 45° to both the infeed and outfeed direction of the web.

The web winds itself around the turning bar 180° and leaves the guiding device at right-angles to the infeed position.

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