Register control

csm_Lichtleiter_36e3a6ae5eRegister – quick to register

Electronic register control systems are essential elements of modern printing technologies. The permanent and automatic control of the register is indispensable in any web fed process.

register – the BST eltromat register control systems – are the result of dealing with the requirements of printers for decades; they have been consequently developed to meet the demands in the various ranges of applications in reel-print processes – for offset, rotogravure and flexo printers, for inline and offline processes.

The eye of the printer

Register controls of the latest generation are equipped with fibre optic scanning heads and CCD-Matrix-cameras for the detection of register marks. This guarantees safe detection and transmission of high-complex register marks even at high speed.

Standardized as well as individually placed register marks are detected precisely – independent of their parameters as contrast, placement or arrangement; at the edge of the web within defined zones or at arbitrary positions in the printing images.