Precise Web Guiding Needing Minimal Space

IMG_PRO_WEBG_CompactG_ekr500digitalEngineered for precise control of narrow webs in the label, packaging, and non-woven industries, the highly compact design allows for easy fit onto production machines with minimal space and effort.

The CompactGuide also gives tremendous flexibility.

Six sizes ensure the best fit on a wide range of machines.

One or two edge sensors or an optional line and contrast sensor detect the web position directly after the exit roller.

Additionally a splice table with pneumatic clamping devices is available to splice the web directly on the CompactGuide.

The user-friendly keypad has easy to understand colour-coded icons that provide simple and extremely intuitive operation, and ensure direct access to all of the guiding functions.

The control panel features an illuminated LCD with a graphic display showing the status of system functions and parameters. No pull down menus, no complicated screens to navigate.