Power Quality Product

Supported by MR (Machinenfabrik Reinhaussen) Germany,

Improving grid efficiency, stabilizing voltage and reducing losses – that is what we have been using our expert knowledge for over 15 years. Our customized low- and medium-voltage solutions are built to optimize industrial and distribu- tion grids. Our innovative system concepts cut investment costs when connecting renewable energy sources and reduce energy costs for industrial energy-intensive processes, such as steel, paper, chemical, cement and automotive industries.

Reactive power and harmonic in industrial grids

The industrial use of large drives, powerful converters, electro-chemical processes
etc. results in an increased demand for reactive power at the connection point. Purchasing reactive power from energy suppliers results in high energy costs. A large number of cables, transformers and cable connections are used in the process, which reduces grid efficiency. Our passive compensation systems and filter circuits provide the reactive power where it is needed, improve supply reliability and cut energy costs.

Voltage stability in the distribution grid

The decentralized, volatile feed-in of renewable energies into the distribution grid aggravates voltage stability in the medium- and low-voltage grid and requires costly grid expansion. Our voltage regulated distribution transformers are the answer as they increase the capacity of the grid. They facilitate to use existing structures and avoid laborious expansion efforts.

Voltage drops, imbalance and flicker

Highly dynamic loads, such as those encountered in electric arc furnaces, result in milliseconds ranging voltage drops and imbalanced conditions. Modular, dynamic MR compensation systems (active filter / SVC / STATCOM) respond to variable grid loads in real time and guarantee optimal, balanced grid conditions with minimal use of reactive power and reduced harmonics at all times. Flicker effects are also compensated.

grid resonance and overcompensation

Extensive cable networks for connecting offshore projects, in urban grids, extensive road and railway tunnels etc. represent particular challenges for management of reactive power, voltage stability and resonance avoidance. Inductive compensation systems, filter circuits, active filters and STATCOMs from MR ensure interference-free energy supplies in grids with a high cable content.

We are not only selling the product, but we give you solution for your Power Quality problem. We do measurement, analyze, simulaion, and give you recommendation, what should you install to increase your Power Quality.

This is the process circle, how we can help you to solve your problem.profindo