First class digital web viewing

Nowadays, many steps of a process can be automated. For an assessment of print quality, the human eye is still essential. iPQ-View is an essential tool for optical quality control and an essential component of BST eltromat’s iPQ-Center.IMG_PRO_INSP_iPQ-View

The modular configurable system provides excellent image quality. That is how you ensure making the right decisions. In doing so, the intuitive operating concept allows fast reactions. Thus, your operators will concentrate on their most important tasks.

Many more functions and options turn the web viewing system into a multi-purpose tool for your quality control. We have further modularized the web viewing platform which has been already field-proven for many years. Now, the iPQ-View is even more adaptable to your individual demands.

Your benefits:
    •    Safe decisions based on excellent image quality
•    Fast reactions reduce waste
•    Less investment thanks to modularity
•    Subsequent expendability makes your investment future-proof

For the detailed list of features and software options, please refer to the brochure.