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Precise color measurement, revolutionary result

The fully automatic spectral inline color measurement system iPQ-Spectral provides precise measuring results and thereby meets the ever increasing d emand for reliable process data on color quality in roll printing.

See for yourself, iPQ-Spectral sets standards in color quality control on running webs.

You receive objective and replicable information about your print.

Inline color comparison – neutral and norm conform

By developing iPQ-Spectral great importance was placed on the system components used assisting the operator in the best possible manner, examples include:

  • The completely enclosed spectral photometer module is protected against scattered light. It recalibrates itself automatically in the service unit, whether at regular intervals or on request.
  • The traversing background is checked by spectral and image analysis next to the web. It is also easy to clean, when necessary.
  • The pictures of the included additional camera are used for the automatic plausibility check of the measuring. Moreover they are used for fine positioning.