High-Performance Position Control for any Application

csm_PRO_WEBG_Actuator_EMS23_Image_01_c1eba5a62fThe actuator, corrects the web position precisely with virtually no delay.

Motor-driven actuators

Motor-driven actuating drives are used wherever a very fast response to web position changes is needed. The actuator can be connected directly to the controller. Ready-to-install designs mean quick, cost-effective assembly which is particularly beneficial for retrofitting existing systems.

Features of BST eltromat’s actuators:

  • Wear-resistant DC motors
  • Ball screw spindle drives for a long service life and minimum backlash
  • Designed for curved and linear correcting movements
  • Various sizes of actuation path, force and speed possible
  • Available with position feedback (precise capturing of current actuating drive position), electronic end position switch-off and servo-center position
  • electrical power supply dircetly from the amplifier
  • non maintainance