GENERAL ELECTRIC (GE), one of the largest electrical company has appointed us to be their sole distributor in Indonesia for Electric Motor Product. GE is a world-class manufacturer of electric motors and generators withmore than 125 years of experience. GE offers a full range of products, from fractional to 100,000 horsepower units, for highly demanding applications around the world.

Large AC/DC Motors and Generators
GE Motors has the capability to design and manufacture electrical rotating machines up to 100,000 HP, and have supplied over 800,000 HP of motors for variable speed applications.

Medium AC/DC Motors and Generators
Since 1987, GE has produced over 15,000 medium/high voltage machines and has been a certified ISO 9001:2000 Quality System since 1992. GE presently  offers a full range of medium motors and generators up to 22,000 HP (15,000 kW).

NEMA / Specialty Motors
GE has been manufacturing premium efficient motors since the late 1970’s.With the newly signed US Energy Independence & Security Act (EISAct) taking effect in 2010 and a bigger demand around the  world for high efficiency, GE will continue to be the preferred choice for NEMA/IEC Motors motors. GE is a leading provider of motors designed for a wide range of commercial applications.

Uninterruptible Power Supplies – UPS
To bridge the gap between the traditional utility grid and the needs of today’s business, GE offers a Complete portfolio of critical power products and services, from desktop Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) units to engineered power systems, and from basic UPS and battery maintenance to comprehensive service contracts covering every aspect of your power quality and delivery system.

  • ML Series – UPS for networking and telecommunications 140-300 Vac or 160-265 Vac
  • NetPro Series – UPS for IT mission-critical applications (server, LAN, etc) 60-2400 Watt
  • LP 11 Series – UPS for office environment  (1-phase in / 1-phase out)
  • LP 31T Series – UPS for office evitonment (3-phase in / 1-phase out)
  • LP 33 10-30 Series – UPS for office evitonment (3-phase in / 3-phase out)
  • LP 33 40-120 Series – UPS for critical power protection (3-phase in / 3-phase out)
  • SG Series – UPS for medical, process control, transportation infrastructure etc (3-phase) output 80-200 kVA