For 50 years, Fairchild Industrial Products Company has maintained an excellent reputation as a manufacturer of precision, high quality, pneumatic, and electropneumatic controls. Our line of industrial control products offers one of the largest  varieties of precision pneumatic and electro-pneumatic control devices available for process, machine tool, robotic and OEM applications.  Our developing technology in four main product groups – pneumatic pressure regulators, volume boosters, relays and electro pneumatic transducers has been the basis for our growth and leadership.

Preasure Regulators
Fairchild’s wide selection satisfies your instrument or industrial control applications. Fairchild pneumatic regulators are available as: precision pressure regulators, back pressure regulators, miniature regulators, filter service regulators, precision stainless steel regulators, motorized regulators, low pressure regulators and specialty regulators.

Fairchild’s accurate, compact I/P, E/P, D/P & P/I electro-pneumatic transducers have extensive combinations of inputs and outputs, carry standard FM, CSA, ATEX or IECEx agency approvals, and maintain accuracies of 0.25% or 0.5%. Fairchild fast response transducers, high flow transducers and high accuracy transducers feature proportional pressure regulation.

Volume Boosters
Fairchild pneumatic volume boosters feature high flow capacity and fast response. A wide range of signal to output pressure ratios, pipe sizes and options are available in Fairchild’s pilot operated regulator booster products with a Cv of 1 up to a Cv of 18, with flow capacities of 45 SCFM, 76.5 m3/hr up to 1500 SCFM, 2550 m3/hr.

Pneumatic Relays
Fairchild’s extensive line of pneumatic relays serves a multitude of control applications: positive biasing relays, positive and negative biasing relays, infinitely adjustable ratio relays, reversing relays, averaging and computing relays, high and low pressure selectors, and high and low pressure limiting relays.

Accessories & FRL
Fairchild accessories complement our complete Fairchild line of control products. Transducer manifold and rack mounting kits, pressure gages, strip pressure gages, panel loading stations, calibrators, automatic drain filters, and natural gas filters offer high quality and precision typical of all Fairchild products.