EW900 Data Manager

Monitoring concentrator of energy consumption data from networks of distributed smart meters and web server Data Manager

The Esaware EW900 Data Manager is a data collector able to manage a network of Esaware  Meters of the EW800 family in order to monitor is a distributed way the plant energy consumption. Up to 250 DEM can be managed for an accurate measurement of electrical parameters and line quality.

In addition EW900 can collect data from many different types of smart sensors like gas, water, air, steam meters, all connected on the available hardware interface and dedicated protocols.

The internal database can then be accessed by remote users via http/https  to the embedded web server, either using a wired or wireless connection. A full control and management of machinery energy consumption and several line quality parameters help the energy manager to take the right decisions for the energy efficiency provisions and for the predictive maintenance.


  • Electric energy , gas, water air, steam consumption data collection
  • Active, reactive, apparent power and energy measurements.
  • Configurable data management (instant values, trend, max, min etc.)
  • Configurable data graphic visualization
  • Wired or wireless (Wi-Fi, 3G) connection option available
  • Optional hardware interfaces and communication protocols: RS485 ModBus, Radio Sub 1Ghz (868MHz)
  • Up to  250 ESA DEM can be configured for rthe monitoring of energy an line parameters, including harmonics (1st…51th), THD
  • Self configurability of the DEM network
  • Remote access to internal database via http/https or data export via ftp

Power supply 24VDC
Power consumption 2W max
CPU type Cortex A8 Processor
CPU clock 800 MHz
RAM 256 MB
FLASH Up to 2 GB for application software and log file (internal)
Fieldbuses (options) RS 485 ModBus, Ethernet,
RF (868MHz),WiFi
Remote connection:
Memory expansions: USB 2.0 port, SD card slot
Data logging: Internal (1 year). Data export
Smart sensors (options): Distributed Electricity Meter, water meter, gas meter, heat meter
Network dimension Max 250 devices configured for any network
Certification CE
Mounting DIN rail
Protection (front) IP 20


Map of the configured Data Manager visualization
Parameters configuration of the measurement devices
Real time consumption data visualization
Timing and logging format configuration of measures
Graphical configuration of measures visualization
Configurable trends: choice of variables and timing
Total average consumption data (on annual, monthly, weekly, daily etc. scale) visualization
Single meter consumption data (on annual, monthly, weekly, daily etc. scale) visualization
Event management and threshold setting (max. consumption, power peak, power factor etc.)


Active Energy E1, E2, E3, ETOT
Active Energy (export) Ee1, Ee2, Ee3, EeTOT
Reactive Energy Eq1, Eq2, Eq3, EqTOT
Apparent Energy Es1, Es2, Es3, EsTOT
Active Power P1, P2, P3, PTOT
Active Power (export) P1e, P2e, P3e, PeTOT
Reactive Power Q1, Q2, Q3, QTOT, inductive or capacitive
Apparent Power S1, S2, S3, STOT
Voltage V1, V2, V3, V12, V23, V31, VAVG, VcAVG
Current I1, I2, I3, In, IAVG
Max Voltage V1+, V2+, V3+, V+ TOT, V1-, V2-, V3-, V- TOT
Max Current I1+, I2+, I3+, I+ TOT, I1-, I2-, I3-,I- TOT
Frequency F
Power Factor PF1, PF2, PF3, PFTOT
Total Harmonic Distorsion THD1, THD2, THD3, THDTOT
Voltage harmonic (% of fundamental) 1st…51th
Current harmonic (% of fundamental) 1st…51th