Measure, monitoring, remote control integrated system for smart meter networks and Esaware devices.

The Esaware way in Energy Management keeps in a single tool  all capabilities of an advanced  energy management system. The key features of the system include: power consumption monitoring networks; systems remote control by VPN technology; secure access to data series stored in the database.


  • Energy Management:
    • Power consumption data collection from different sources: electricity, gas, water, etc.
    • Simultaneous access  to more measure networks
    • Configurable measure sequences, it is possible to select  the variables to supervise
    • Saves real-time data on the Data Manager, local storage for a single measure network up to 1 year
    • Automatic configuration  of the measure network at startup
    • Wide set of field communication  protocols: ModBus, Radio Sub1Ghz (868MHz), Powerline, ZigBee, S0, M-bus, Wireless M-Bus
    • NTP synchronization of the Data Manager
  • Remote supervision:
    • Connectivity towards: PLC, HMI, PC
    • Access to devices on ethernet LAN, WiFi
  • Security:
    • SSL encrypted  communication
  • Access to saved data on the cloud:
    • Visualization of data on the browser, with no need to install additional software on PC, tablet, etc.
    • Graphic representation of data widely customizable and adaptable
    • Relational  database support
    • Adjustable refresh frequency of the real-time data coming from the Data Manager (minutes/ hours/ days)
    • Data recovery and synchronization from Data Manager on temporary connection failures
  • Data export formats and protocols:
    • FTP
    • Email (csv format, excel format)
    • RESTful APIs for an easy integration in web applications


    • Configuration and data visualization access through login and password
    • Automatic configuration  of the measure network at startup
    • Networking maps
    • Configuration of the devices parameters
    • Measurement of energy and power values (active, apparent, reactive) and many others electrical values
    • Data logging and refresh frequency configuration
    • Real time data visualization
    • Graphic representation of data (min., max., average)
    • Trend visualization
    • Total network values on an annual, monthly and daily scale
    • Remote access available with HTML5 compatible protocols
    • Management of consumption data from meter of  Water, Gas, Air etc.
    • Configurable graphical pages
    • Configurable trend diagrams
    • Configurable data from groups of meters
    • Virtual points of measure
    • Reports and comparison over period of time
    • Threshold management and alarm or notification messaging
    • E-mail and FTP file transfer
    • Harmonic content visualization up to 51th
    • Voltage interruptions and overvoltage visualization