Economically Efficient Solutions for Optimal Web Guiding

The main applications for the Smart Guide.DF are printing and extrusion industries.IMG_PRO_WEBG_SmartGuide_120

The BST eltromat rotating frame guide (DF) is specifically suited for short spans for a minimum of material stress.

For an easy handling the sensors can be adjusted by an optional, motor-driven sensor positioning device. This is advantageous, when sensors are hard to get to or web widths are changing frequently.

The improvement of economic efficiency

is due to proven standards and a broad selection of equipment. A convenient retrofit can be realized by a modular design.

SmartGuide.DF is designed in a modular way and can be adapted to specific customer requests. Because of this it provides a tailored solution for your application.

If necessary the SmartGuide.DF can also be equipped with AccuWeb-components.

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