Comfort Panels offer high-end functionality for demanding applications. They are especially powerful and equipped with high-resolution widescreen displays in sizes from 4″ to 22″, with a choice of touch screen (TP) or key operation (KP). In size 4″ also with touch screen and additional keys (KTP).
The Comfort Panels are equipped with PROFINET/Ethernet as well as PROFIBUS DP/MPI interfaces.
o Device variety from 4“ to 22“, with touch screen and/or control keys
o Brilliant displays in widescreen format. The high resolution with 16 million colors facilitates detailed process visualization and optimum readability.
o All touch devices also support vertical installation – for optimum plant space utilization or for special machine designs
o Integrated high-end functionality:
Archives, VB scripts and various viewers for plant documentation display – e.g. as PDF or in the form of Internet websites as standard
o Efficient energy management
o Maximum data security
o Suitability for harsh enviroments
o Easy commissioning, rapid service
o Integrated system diagnostics
o Cross-sector and cross-regional applicability
o Multiple interfaces for process communication
o Integrated with PROFINET and PROFIBUS networks and feature interfaces for the connection of USB I/O
From 7″, the devices come with a 2-port Ethernet switch and from 15″ with an additional Gigabit PROFINET interface.
o Monitoring with network cameras
o Paperless printing in PDF / HTML format
o Screenshots for rapid documentation
o Archiving of process values and reports

o Extremely flexible for any outdoor application
Touch and Key devices
o KTP400 Comfort bbbb
Touch devices
o TP700 Comfort
o TP900 Comfort
o TP1200 Comfort
o TP1500 Comfort
o TP1900 Comfort
o TP2200 Comfort
Key devices
o KP400 Comfort
o KP700 Comfort
o KP900 Comfort
o KP1200 Comfort
o KP1500 Comfort