Industrial Engineering Solution Provider

PT. Viktori Profindo Automation prides itself as one of the best providers in Industrial Engineering Solution and Professional Support.

It is our mission to deliver industrial engineering solutions that is :

–  Viable & effective in automation engineering industry.
–  The most efficient & cost- saving with profitable results.
–  Persistent in producing long term stability to clients’ working system.
–  Benefiting and enhancing clients’ business outcome.

Having employed numerous techniques, technologies and innovations, VPA team of expert engineers have successfully executes on a large number of projects in different field of industries including : steel, F&B , packaging, pulp and paper, power plants and many others.

Parts of our Engineering Solution & Professional Support include:
– Consulting
– Troubleshooting
– Modification & Upgrade System
– Design & Drawing
– Wiring & Assembling
– Installation & Commissioning
– Repairing
– Documentation