Vishay is the world’s only manufacturer to offer a complete range of power capacitors. These cost-effective devices for          harmonic control, energy savings, and voltage stabilization are highly reliable and environmentally  safe, and can be used under the most rugged conditions. Vishay power capacitors are used in energy transmission and distribution in high, medium, and low-voltage  networks to improve network quality. Their efficient operation helps promote CO2 reduction as well as reducing losses in long-distance HVDC transmissions.The power capacitors are also used for RFI filters and  voltage and frequency converters in traction and industrial drives. Vishay capacitors are manufactured with the highest quality standards and come complete and ready to use for all applications.

Furnace Capacitors

  • Static power capacitors for inductive heating plant compensation

Power Electronic Capacitors

  • Static converters for Industrial converters
  • DC supply equipment, High-voltage testing systems, etc.

Low-Voltage Power Capacitors

  • Individual and group fixed compensation, Controlled central compensation
  • Filter circuits for mains systems with harmonics

Power Factor Controllers

  • Manual and automatic control of central power factor correction equipment plants (LV & MV applications)

High-Voltage Power Capacitors (Individual capacitors 660V to 24kV, up to 900 kvar)

  • Shunt capacitors, Harmonic filters, Series capacitors, Capacitors for SVC (Static Var Compensator)
  • AC-capacitors for HVDC transmission, DC-capacitors for HVDC transmission

Unbalance Protection Relays
The microprocessor-based ESTAsym MD and CPR capacitor protection relays use a versatile integrated current
measuring multifunction relay design to enable the protection of medium and high voltage capacitor banks.
Using FFT techniques, the ESTAsym MD calculates the fundamental and harmonic currents from measured line and
unbalance currents, and uses these values to implement individual protection functions.

High-Voltage Power Capacitors (DC 1 kV up to 100 kV)

  • CRT monitors
  • Electrostatic filters (industrial)